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We don't support a congestion charge - Conservatives tackle four key issues ahead of Cambridge City Council elections

We asked each party and the independent candidate standing for election to Cambridge City Council on Thursday (May 2) for their thoughts on four issues. Sixteen of the Labour-led council's 42 seats are up for election.

Here are the Conservative Party answers.

Daniel John (9425474)
Daniel John (9425474)

By Daniel John, Conservative Party

How do we protect Cambridge's special character as it grows?

Cambridge is a wonderful combination of historic buildings, green spaces and a vibrant, thriving economy. It therefore faces the enviable problem of too many people and businesses wanting to move to the area.

Cambridge Conservatives support the plans of James Palmer, our Conservative mayor, to radically improve transport systems to the city centre from residential areas outside the city. This should allow housing growth to be more sustainable and affordable whilst ensuring that congestion does not drastically increase.

What should be done about congestion? Would you approve of a congestion charge in Cambridge and/or a workplace parking levy?

Congestion is obviously a serious issue in some parts of town, and likely to be a growing problem.

We do not support the idea of a congestion charge for Cambridge, as it would undermine the privacy of drivers. We are concerned that it would be impossible to keep data secure, such as the movements of individuals, with a particular worry about drivers who are below the age of 18.

There are many other measures which could contribute to easing congestion in our city, such as better enforcement of parking restrictions on main roads, and improved cycling and public transport facilities.

Do you agree there is a climate emergency and what can the council do to address it?

Climate change is a threat to our continued way of life. Nationally the Conservatives have done more than any government to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Over the Easter weekend the National Grid went coal free for 90 hours, the longest period since the industrial revolution. Locally we feel that the council’s carbon management plan is not ambitious enough, aiming for a 20% reduction in carbon emissions by 2020 as opposed to the National target of 35%. We would aim to convert more of the council’s vehicle fleet to electric and move to powering a greater number of the council’s buildings with alternatives renewable sources such as solar energy.

How would you tackle the homelessness problem?

We support the aims of Conservative MP Bob Blackmans Homeless Reduction Act. The Act places a greater responsibility on councils to address the needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our society. We would ensure that the council continues to have the resources to accommodate individuals currently sleeping rough, with highly dedicated mental health and addiction support teams to help homeless individuals back into longer term accommodation.

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