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Cambridge 99 and Cantabrigian are the ones to beat on the last night of the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association Town Bumps

It was a case of as you were for the second night in a row on day four of the CRA Town Bumps.

Having caught Cantabrigian on the first night of racing, Cambridge 99 were well clear of their pursuers on the third night of racing in the men’s Division One.

The story was the same for Cantabs at the top of the women’s Division One, who look set to retain the Headship for a third year in a row as they finished the night four lengths clear of challengers City of Cambridge.

In the men’s and women’s top divisions, the big movers were Nines and Champion of the Thames.

As Cantabs II went up to fourth in the men’s first division by catching St Neots on Long Reach, Nines II made a pursuit of X-Press to go up to seventh, finally getting the bump under the Railway Bridge.

There was not so much fortune for Rob Roy II, who thought they had bumped Cantabs III but they were just too late as their rivals stern was over the lower finish when contact was made and so chief umpire Roger Thorogood declared it a no bump.

Nines III were the other movers for the club, catching City III at the Gut to go 14th, and it was the same location that Peterborough caught City II to go 12th.

The procession of the top nine crews in the women’s Division One opened the door for Champion of the Thames to be the big winners in a club sense on the evening.

Their first crew are on course for oars after a third bump in a row by getting Rob Roy at the Gut to move to 10th.

New boat in the division, Champs III’s Returners continued their meteoric rise that has now seen them go up six places by getting City III just after First Post Corner to go to 16th - they started fifth in Division Two.

Of those they left behind, Cantabs V felled City V on Ditton Corner, Cantabs VII stopped Champs IV at First Post Corner, the same place that Cantabs VI surrendered to Chesterton II.

Two more bumps happened at the same spot, with Nines IV’s junior returners stopping City VI’s St Mary’s crew to go fifth, and Nines V made contact with City VII to reach ninth.

City VIII climbed into the second division by catching Cantabs IX in the Gut.

There were six bumps achieved in the men’s Division Two.

Cantabs V felled City IV at First Post Corner to go second, X-Press II conceded to City V on Ditton Corner to move to fifth, Radegund rowed down City VI along First Post Reach to get to eighth, City VIII’s Billygoats passed St Neots II into 12th at First Post Corner and Cantabs VII’s Aquaphobes bumped X-Press III at First Post.

City VII made contact with Cantabs VI only to have their bump disallowed as it was another case of the bump being made beyond the lower finish.

City XII’s President’s crew climbed into the men’s Division Three when they pounced on Champs V at Bovis Bridge.

Elsewhere in the division, City X went up again, to seventh, when they added to X-Press IV’s woes just past Bovis.

Lower down, Chesterton III stopped Cantabs X’s Past Masters in the Gut to move up to 12th and Radegund II’s Ancient Cricketers bowled out Champs IV at the Gunsheds.

In the women’s Division Four, Nines earned themselves a fine when their VIII boat killed off their VII going into First Post.

Nines VI went up to second at the expense of Cantabs X when they made contact on First Post Corner, while Isle of Ely II avenged Champs VI’s Donna and the Dynamos in the Gut.

At the bottom, Champs VII’s juniors mowed down Chesterton IV on Grassy Corner leaving bottom crew Nines IX to row over in isolation.

The only other crew to row over were City VIII at the top of the division.

Men's Town Bumps charts after day four. Source: Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (14007881)
Men's Town Bumps charts after day four. Source: Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (14007881)
Women's Town Bumps charts after day four. Source: Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (14007883)
Women's Town Bumps charts after day four. Source: Cambridgeshire Rowing Association (14007883)

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