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By the book: Cambridge Literary Festival highlights

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Sarah Millican
Sarah Millican

We look at the star-studded line-up for three days that will be filled with debate, literature and laughs.

Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE as an Honorary Fellow.
Baroness Shami Chakrabarti CBE as an Honorary Fellow.

The Cambridge Independent is delighted to support Cambridge Literary Festival, running from Friday November 24-Sunday November 26. Here is what to look out for:


ClientEarth ?Join three passionate environmentalists for an optimistic discussion about the new environmental heroes who are taking governments to court ' and winning. ClientEarth is the only pan-European group of environmental lawyers working in the public interest. Representing the world and its population is its founder, environmental lawyer James Thornton, joined by co-writer, Martin Goodman and ClientEarth trustee, composer and producer, Brian Eno.

Roddy Doyle
Roddy Doyle


How To Be Champion ?Turn off the television and spend Saturday evening with stand-up comedian Sarah Millican, as she talks about her debut book How to be Champion. Expect hilarious stories, funny tales and advice on how to get over life's blips ' like being good at school but not good at friends, the excitement of IBS and how to blossom post divorce. Make yourselves comfortable, sit back and let laughter be the best medicine. In conversation with Julia Raeside, TV critic, The Guardian.

Robert Webb
Robert Webb


How Not to be a Boy?From Footlights to Peep Show to national newspaper columnist, Robert Webb is a household name. Join him in conversation with Helen Lewis of the New Statesman as he looks back over his life and shares his thoughts on masculinity and manhood. From schoolboy crushes (on girls and boys) and learning to make people laugh, to losing his mother and becoming both a husband and father, Webb considers the absurd expectations boys and men have ?thrust upon them at every stage of life.


Claire Tomalin
Claire Tomalin

How to Stop Brexit ?Brexit is the most divisive issue the UK has faced in recent years and extricating Britain from Europe will be the greatest challenge it has faced since the Second World War. As EU negotiations expose the hollow referendum promises, many Brexiteers now wish to reverse their decision. Join former leader of the Liberal Democrats and one of the UK's most outspoken Remainers, Nick Clegg, as he makes the case for why we must and how we can stop Brexit. Can we really pull together in response to this challenge, reunite our country and prevent national decline?


Over and Out ?Henry Blofeld is a cricket broadcasting legend, currently celebrating his 40-year innings as the voice of Test Match Special. His voice is the sound of the sport to millions of cricket lovers all over the world and has been as much a part of British summers as strawberries and cream. This event will be a celebration of his career and he will entertain you with stories reliving favourite sporting moments and behind-the-scenes anecdotes in his inimitable style.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a meeting with the British Youth Council, in Central London, Thursday November 11, 2010. Photo By Andrew Parsons/Crown Copyright
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a meeting with the British Youth Council, in Central London, Thursday November 11, 2010. Photo By Andrew Parsons/Crown Copyright


A Life of My Own?Having covered most of the literary greats ' including Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen and Mary Wollstonecraft ' acclaimed literary biographer Claire Tomalin now shines the spotlight on her own fascinating life.

Henry Blofeld
Henry Blofeld


Post Truth?In this post-truth era trust has evaporated, conspiracy theories thrive, the authority of the media has wilted and emotions matter more than facts. If you are wearied and infuriated by Trump, Brexit and a barrage of fake news, join Newsnight's Evan Davis and award-winning journalist Matthew d'Ancona, who will offer a route through the muddy waters of the post-truth age and consider how to stand up and fight back.


Hear Me Out ?Join 'hard man of satire', writer and director Armando Iannucci, to learn more about his not-so-secret passion for classical music. The creator of Alan Partridge, The Thick of It and Veep conveys the joy of his musical explorations and how each discovery suggests a fresh direction of travel, another piece, another composer, another time.


Reflections on a Writing Life ?Nigerian-born poet and Man Booker Prize winning author of The Famished Road, Ben Okri joins literary critic 'ngel Gurr'aQuintana to reflect on his life and literary career. Mystical, meditative and otherworldly, Ben Okri's new book The Magic Lamp: Dreams of Our Age manifests his mastery of language, uncurling a creative spirit that creeps into the very corners of his reader's imagination.


Of Women ?Join Shami Chakrabarti, one of our most energetic human rights campaigners, Labour's Shadow Attorney General, member of the House of Lords and author of the critically acclaimed On Liberty, as she makes the case for radical ?positive action in every sphere of life to promote the vindication of the rights of women worldwide.


An Evening of Poetry?Scotland's much-loved 'makar' or poet laureate, storyteller, novelist, playwright and memoirist Jackie Kay reads from her stunning new work, Bantam, a collection of poems that crosses borders in time and place to sing of what connects us, and to lament what divides us.

Find your favourite and book your tickets:

Cambridge Literary Festival runs from November 24 to 26, with events taking place at various city-central venues. ?To view the full programme and book tickets, call (01223) 357951 or visit cambridgelivetrust.co.uk.


Nick Clegg - How to Stop Brexit: 7-8pm, The Babbage Lecture Theatre, '15/'10

Jeremy Whittle - Ventoux: 7-8pm, The Old Library, Emmanuel College, '10/'8


' Robert Webb: 12-1pm, Union Chamber, '15/'10

' Claire Tomalin ' A Life of My Own: 12-1pm, Palmerston Room, '13/'10

' Rachel Reeves - Alice in Westminster: 12-1pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Ilan Pappe & Donald Macintyre - Life in the Occupied Territories: 1.30-2.30pm, Palmerston Room, '12/'10

' Viv Groskop - The Anna Karenina Fix: 1.30-2.30pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Michael Frayn - From Stage to Page: 3-4pm, Palmerston Room, '13/'10

' Tim Hayward - The Modern Kitchen: 3-4pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Rachel Clarke - Your Life in My Hands: 4.30-5.30pm, Palmerston Room, '12/'10

' Lucy Hughes-Hallett - Peculiar Ground: 4.30-5.30pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Sarah Millican: 6-7pm, Union Chamber, '15/'10 (over-16s only)

' Fiona Mozley, Preti Taneja & Megan Hunter - Debut Fiction: 6-7pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Armando Iannucci - Hear Me Out: 7.30-8.30pm, Union Chamber, '13/'10


' A N Wilson - Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker: 10-11am, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Jess Phillips, Steve Richards & Johnny Mercer - New Statesman Politics Briefing Room: 10-11am, Union Chamber, '12/'10

' Erica Wagner - The Man Who Built The Brooklyn Bridge: 11.30am-12.30pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Henry Blofeld - Over and Out: 11.30am-12.30pm, Union Chamber, '13/'10

' Allison Pearson - How Hard Can It Be?, 1-2pm, Palmerston Room, '12/'10

' Samantha Ellis - Anne Bront' and the Art of Life, 1-2pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' James Thornton, Martin Goodman & Brian Eno - Client Earth: 1-2pm, Union Chamber, '12/'10

' Shami Chakrabarti - Of Women: 2.30-3.30pm, Palmerston Room, '12/'10

' David Kynaston - A History of the Bank of England: 2.30-3.30pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

' Roddy Doyle - Smile: 2.30-3.30pm, Union Chamber, '12/'10

' Ali Smith Winter: 4-5pm, Palmerston Room, '12/'10

' Evan Davis & Matthew d'Ancona: Post Truth, 4-5pm, Union Chamber, '13/'8

' Sophie Hannah, Nicola Upson & Alison Bruce - Addicted to Crime: 4-5pm, Old Divinity School, '10/'8

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