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Cambridge artist to showcase the magic of trees in upcoming exhibition

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A picture by artist Debbie Baxter
A picture by artist Debbie Baxter

Debbie Baxter’s love of the nature around her has always been quite specific.

Debbie Baxter
Debbie Baxter

“I’ve only ever really painted trees,” Debbie tells the Cambridge Independent ahead of her two-week exhibition at the Makers Gallery in Cambridge from Friday, September 21.

“My mother – Daphne Baxter – is a very successful wildlife artist. She painted wildlife, but I was always interested in the flora, rather than the fauna! So for me, to go off walking in the woods and things like that is a very special experience.

“Woodlands and forests have always been my fascination; for me these are places of magic and wonder, a natural and restorative environment to enjoy and connect back to my own need to feel calm and get back into balance again.”

Debbie continues: “I have noticed that I am not alone in this sentiment, and it has become a lifelong joy to paint the changing seasons of these places.

A picture by artist Debbie Baxter
A picture by artist Debbie Baxter

“Many love to walk in the woodlands and trails around forests, and I like to paint these environments to hopefully remind people of its special significance in our lives.”

An international artist of considerable talent, Debbie lives in Cambridge and also does commissions of people’s gardens.

“When I look back at my work from my art degree, it was all about trees,” she recalls – “and it never really hit home until I’d consciously decided that I was going to paint trees.

“Looking back on all my works from my 20s, they’ve all got trees in! I started to realise that I’d always been doing it, but I’d been doing it unconsciously – so now I’m doing it more consciously.

One of artist Debbie Baxters artworks
One of artist Debbie Baxters artworks

“I travel far and wide, all over Britain, and if something attracts me abroad, I’ll go there too.”

Visitors to the gallery on Hope Street on the launch night can enjoy free wine and food and an opportunity to view and purchase original paintings and giclée fine art prints.

Debbie will also give a short introductory speech on her work and make an exciting announcement about her upcoming projects.

“It’s a collection of paintings which are really more of an intimate look at the magic of trees and the environment,” she says.

One of artist Debbie Baxters artworks
One of artist Debbie Baxters artworks

“I love the idea of engagement in nature and how we connect with it in so many different ways: the garden, the forest walks, the walk through the trees to the sea.”

Debbie adds: “Some of the other paintings are of woodland scenes of snowdrops or bluebells or aconite [also known as wolf’s bane], and it’s that point at which you know that spring is coming and you just see the first signs of it.

“It’s about capturing the season and finding ways to explore that and engage the onlooker to remind them that this happens constantly in nature.”

Around 22 paintings will be on display at the Makers Gallery.


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