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Cambridgeshire author's book encourages children to achieve

Cambridgeshire author Bianca D'Agostino has written an uplifting children’s book entitled You Are Not the Boss of Me.

You Are Not the Boss of Me cover
You Are Not the Boss of Me cover

As a result of this her first published work, Bianca hopes to inspire and encourage children to have the confidence to do anything they dream of, that making mistakes is only human and that these mistakes can be dealt with and potentially rectified.

The book, out now and published by Austin Macauley, aims to help give children the confidence to achieve all they set out to do.

Teaching them to be positive and showing compassion towards them if they are feeling down or have made a mistake is the main underlying theme, as this approach will allow children to realise that it's okay to make mistakes.

Author Bianca D'Agostino
Author Bianca D'Agostino

The author herself encourages her children to adapt a positive 'I am' and 'I can achieve' attitude in everything that they do. Bianca, who is also qualified in Reiki and has a diploma in Mindfulness, says: "The idea came from my children.

"They're very 'spirited', shall I say, and they often used to say to me: 'You're not the boss of me'. So they inspired me to write the book, as well as seeing the challenges that they had faced growing up at school - just in society really, and then the other children around them as well."

Bianca, who works as a TA, continues: "There can be so many knock-downs for children, from peers and other children at school, and it's really to have that self-belief and that self-worth that 'actually, I can do this, it doesn't matter whoever knocks me down - I know that if I put my mind to it, that I can do this and that I am amazing'.

"And I think all children should have that thought, that mindset. So it's really to encourage that and to encourage parents and schools to follow.

"Society has changed so much and I think in order for us to make it a better place for our children, we have to do what we can."

You Are Not the Boss of Me is available now. Visit: austinmacauley.com/book/you-are-not-boss-me.

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