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Julian Clary brings his outrageous brand of humour and risqué stories to Cambridge

The Corn Exchange welcomed the 59-year-old star to its stage as part of his lengthy Born to Mince tour.

Having visited quite a few cities and towns before the tour rolled into Cambridge, on Thursday, April 4, the comedian who rose to fame in the late 80s, early 90s was quite disparaging about a few of them, promising not to be critical of Cambridge on upcoming dates.

He also claimed to have been born in Cambridge, though he revealed at the end that, although all of the other stories and anecdotes he had told were true, that 'fact' actually wasn't (for anyone who may be interested, Julian was born in Surrey).

The first half began and ended with a song - the second of these was particularly amusing, though I am unable to reveal the title for reasons of this being a family-friendly website!

Julian Clary
Julian Clary

In between, the star, dressed in a sparkly suit in the first half and then a different sparkly suit in the second, graphically described experiences from his past, took 'telephone calls' from his husband and gently teased audience members in the front row.

One lady said when asked that she was from Salisbury. "Nice to see they still have a market in Salisbury," joked Julian, commenting on her yellow top.

Topics covered throughout ranged from pantomime to healthy living and UKIP voters to moving to the countryside and gay conversion therapy.

While a couple of comedy shows I've seen recently have rather flagged in the second half, I felt this one actually improved during the second part.

Julian came out into the audience to select four male 'volunteers', and I was extremely relieved that I wasn't one of them!

Julian Clary
Julian Clary

On stage, he whittled the four down to two and then proceeded to show them images designed to 'test' their sexuality using a 'machine' that he operated from the back.

This was designed to 'convert' one of them into a homosexual, and the eventual 'winner' was sent back to his seat with an inflatable phallic object as a prize.

At the end of the half, Julian went off and came back out in a very extravagant cloak, providing further jokes before taking his bow and leaving the stage.

The performance was well attended, well received, very funny for the most part - though he slightly lost his way a little at times - and it was surprising how many elderly people were in attendance.

I guess it's partly because only Julian Clary could remain so charming and lovable while recounting such filth.

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